Rainbow in a Jar: A Colourful Afternoon Activity

Photography by Anne Weil, Flax and Twine

What do you get when you mix coloured chalk, salt and a simple mason jar? An afternoon art project that will keep your kids entertained for hours—and a lovely decorative jar that will add a burst of colour to your home.

This colourful idea was shared by Anne Weil, the crafty mom behind the site Flax & Twine. We love that it’s so simple and also inexpensive—a container of salt and a pack of multi-coloured chalk from the dollar store will go a long way!

What you’ll need:
• Paper
• Chalk in various colours
• Salt
• Jars (glass works best)

You’ll find full instructions for these Rainbow Jars over at Flax & Twine. This project has the potential to be a messy one, so you may want to take it to the backyard on a clear day when the wind won’t blow your materials away.

Have kids put together a few of these rainbow jars and you can use them as centrepieces for a birthday party, or just add a little more colour to your windowsill.

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