Reel ’em In: How to Make Your Own Fishing Pole

Image Courtesy of Imagine Childhood

Ah, summer. A time to mix up a pitcher of lemonade, slather on the sunscreen, listen to the choir of cicadas and cast a line or two by the creek. Really, it’s about appreciating the simple pleasures in life and what could be simpler than this homemade fishing pole from imagine childhood?

This clever afternoon project requires a bamboo garden stake, wine corks, eye-screws, a drill, a bolt, a plastic spool, large metal washers (or two metal end pieces from a pipe plug), plastic washers, a wing nut and a bent metal pipe strap.

While you’re on a roll, be even more resourceful by finding bait in your own backyard. All that’s left to do is scout out the perfect spot and equip yourself with the basics.

Can’t make it to the lake? “Fish” for magnets in a bucket, perhaps the catch won’t be so lively, but it is still a fun backyard activity! See who can reel in their “catch” the fastest without touching the sides of the bucket or try to only hook certain colours.

A crafty bonus: looks like some wine corks are required, which means you will have to do whatever it takes to supply them (anything for the kids!)

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