Simple Beaded Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

image courtesy of FamilyFun

Taking some craft beads, and a few pipe cleaners, your kids can craft beautiful Christmas tree ornaments!

Colour themes, patterns, and varying shapes, make them unique! These would make great gifts for family members, especially Grandma and Grandpa. The holiday shapes that can be created are endless, but FamilyFun decided on a snowflake, an ornament, and a bell; they suggest stars and candy canes, as well!

The only two materials you need are:

– Pipe cleaners
– Transparent craft beads (5- to 10-millimeter diameters)

Just slightly bend one end of the pipe cleaner and have your kids start beading. In no time you will have beautiful, handmade additions for your tree, lasting the years to come!

Check out FamilyFun for instructions and more great ideas!

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