Develop Storytelling Skills with this Smart Craft

A great DIY game for your little word wizard

Smart Craft to Develop Story-Telling SkillsThis little mixed-bag literacy game is surprisingly beneficial for how simple it is! Spend a lazy afternoon putting it together with your little one, then have fun playing it all while helping promote creativity and developing vocabulary.

What you’ll need:

  • Bottle caps
  • Heavy paper
  • Pens and/or markers
  • A small box (a cardboard box or even a plastic food container will do the trick)
  • Bright fabric pouch to cover the box (as shown)

To make:

1. Spruce up the box by covering it with the fabric pouch. If you don’t have fabric to fit the box, you could easily decorate it with stickers or markers instead.

2. Cut out circles of paper the same size as the bottle caps to make the game pieces. Pick some simple words that your child is beginning to understand. Write each of these words on their own circle; then draw corresponding images on another circle. Glue each pair on either side of a bottle cap. For example, glue an image of an apple on top of the bottle cap, and glue the word “apple” on the bottom of the same bottle cap.

3. Toss the bottle caps into the box and get ready to play!

To play:

Have your child draw five bottle caps at a time, then use them to concoct a short story. Depending on their skill level they can either use the words or pictures – gently challenge them to get creative! You could even take it a step further and use it to practice phonetics and spelling.

Total cost: $5

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