Solution to My Daughter’s Wardrobe Malfunctions

This system is so simple, it's daddy-proof!

CF’s managing editor Christina Campbell details the system she devised to help dress her daughter in the morning and avoid sending her to daycare a mis-matched mess. And yes, the system is even daddy-proof.

A few weeks ago I returned to work after a year of maternity leave. While I was off, the absolute best part of my day was going into my daughter’s room each morning, giving her a cuddle, and then picking out her outfit for the day. We’re pretty lucky to have been spoiled by so many generous friends and family members who made sure our babe had no shortage of adorable duds, suitable for play dates, beach days, and everything in between. I loved scanning her closet to put together her daily “look.”

Fast forward to my first week of being a working mom. After a year of yoga pants and ponytails, I was a little shell-shocked by the flurry of activity that first morning. As I wandered around my bedroom, desperately searching for socks that matched, my well-meaning husband stepped up and offered to get the baby up and dressed for daycare. What emerged from her bedroom 10 minutes later was a look that won’t soon be replicated on any toddler runways.

As I recall, it involved some fuchsia leggings, brown socks, and a red onesie. I couldn’t help but smile at the two of them, looking so impressed with themselves. I also couldn’t help but vow that such a fashion disaster would never happen again.

That night, I popped over to the dollar store to pick up a few supplies so I could create some simple hanger tags. These help me organize a week’s worth of outfits so that they’re ready to grab each morning—eliminating any last-minute fashion styling by Daddy…and pitying looks from strangers.

Materials needed:
1 package of cork coasters
1 sheet of adhesive foam letters
1 spool of ribbon
A hole punch

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