Spring Crafts: DIY Cute Buggy Mobile

Photography from Amanda Formaro via Kaboose

Normally, having a bug buzzing around the house is cause for some minor distress (or major, if you have a fear of the creepy crawlers). But this adorable Egg Carton Buggy Mobile craft from Kaboose will having you saying, “awwww,” instead of “eeeek!”

Made from (among other things) clean, recycled egg cartons, this project is a cutting, pasting, drawing, painting, hanging all day affair, and the end result can flutter proudly in any room in the house.

Because this craft project does involve sharp scissors and a hot glue gun that can give a nasty burn, having an adult on scene is a must while the kids enjoy the mobile-making process. This project also involves a fair amount of work, which makes it perfect as a group project: each child (and each adult, because you’re going to want in on this too!) can create their own unique bug.

Use textured paper, like old wallpaper scraps or decorated construction paper for the wings, black pom-poms and googly eyes (who doesn’t love those things?) for the heads, pipe cleaners for the antennas, white yarn and crafting dowels for the hanging and you will be well on your way to going buggy over this fabulous piece of floating artwork.

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