Bring Spring Home: DIY Felt Flower Garlands

Photography from Oh My! Handmade Goodness

We have been all over felt crafting as of late with Bunny Finger Puppets and the Mardi Gras Mask Craft, and again, now, with these beautiful Flower Embellishments from Oh My! Handmade, felt is rising to the creation occasion.

The execution of this project does involve some sharp objects like fabric scissors and needles, as well as some finely tuned motor skills, so this project would be best for ages 10+.

How to Make:

Trace the petal patterns onto felt from a paper template, cut the petals out carefully and then pinch and sew them together to form a perfect flower (the short of the long). Oh My! suggests adding these little beauties on anything and everything from hair clips, to lamp shades to string to make garlands. They’re perfect for parties or just to add a little spring-time cheer to any room.

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