Stylish Craft Idea: A Colourful Stack of T-Shirt Bracelets

Photography by Camilla Fabbri, Family Chic

We love quick and inexpensive craft ideas, particularly when they let the crafter find new uses for old items around the house. They’re green, they’re budget-friendly—what more could we ask for? Well, how about… a little extra style.

Camilla Fabbri, the mom behind Family Chic, has shared this oh-so-stylish idea for giving new life to some boring old bangles and too-small t-shirts: turn ’em into fabulous, customized t-shirt bracelets!

What you’ll need:
• Old t-shirts
• A stack of bangle bracelets

Simple, right? The best part is that there is no hot glue involved, so this is a great project for even the smallest fashionista in your house.

You’ll find the full instructions for this craft—as well as step-by-step photos—over on the Family Chic blog. We like Camilla’s suggestion to check thrift stores for old bangles and would also suggest browsing your local dollar store for them, too. Go for bangles of different sizes (some thin, some thick) so that your finished stack has a fun mix-and-match look.

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