Summer School: How To Make a Jumpsie Rope

Illustration by James Provost

In Germany, kids call it gummitwist, in Britain they call it elastics, and in the U.S. it’s known as Chinese jump rope. But we Canadians just call it like it is: Jumpsies! Get your kids busy making an elastic rope and, once they start playing, you’ll have earned yourself enough time for a magazine and maybe a spritzer.

Making the Jumpsie

Collect 40 (3 mm) rubber bands. 1 Open the first to form a circle. 2 Insert a second band through the centre about a third of the way. Slip the remaining part of the band around the side of the first rubber band and back through the centre of itself. Pull tightly to link. Continue joining the bands until a long chain is formed.

Playing Jumpsie

Have two players stand opposite each other, holding the jumpsie taut at the ankles. A third player must jump over it without touching. If she clears it, increase the height to knee, hip, waist, armpit, shoulder and sky (hands up in the air). (If there is only one holder, tie the other end of the rope to a post or tree.) When the jumper fails to clear the rope, or touches it, the game starts over again.

Need a refresher? Check out this video (and take note, you probably shouldn’t wear a dress while attempting jumpsie rope!)

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