Summer-Time Craft: Yarn Globes

Photograph by Disney Family Fun

Now how cute and clever are these yarn globes? We found them over at Disney’s Family Fun website and can’t stop thinking of the endless possibilities with this craft (Disney made them in honour of Easter and calls them ‘yarn eggs’ but ‘yarn globes’ is a bit more universal we think.)

One reader said she was going to tie green ribbon on top of her orange globes to make her own version of a non-perishable pumpkin this Halloween.

You could even use giant 36 inch balloons to really make show stopping globes. Either way, here’s what you’ll need to make your own – in addition to about a weekend’s worth of your time:

• Thin cotton yarn
• Balloons in various sizes
• Craft glue
• Newspaper
• Waxed paper
• Clothespin
• Clothes hanger

Head over to Disney’s site for the rest of the tutorial directions, photos and helpful tips and suggestions from other crafters.

And if you’re thinking what we’re thinking (how awesome these would look at a summer birthday party in the guest of honour’s fave colour) then check out this round up of birthday party tips for all ages!

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