Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Craft: Pine Cone Turkeys

This fun and easy craft is a great way to get wee ones excited about Thanksgiving

Photography by Projects for Preschoolers

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our office has gotten caught up in turkey fever! But it’s not just the edible variety that’s got us looking forward to the long weekend ahead—we’re loving all the homemade turkey decorations that are popping up online, too. This super-cute version comes from Projects for Preschoolers, a website developed by crafty mama Jen Goode.

Bundle up and head outside with your kids to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and gather the main element of this project: pine cones. All shapes and sizes will do, but ones that are dry will work best. Once you’ve collected all the pine cones you need, it’s time to head inside and get down to decorating.

What you’ll need:
• Pine cones
• Glue
• Construction paper
• Scissors
• Googly eyes

You’ll find the complete project instructions, along with a downloadable pine cone turkey project template, over at Projects for Preschoolers. You can even take the project one step further and have kids write out what they’re thankful for on the turkey’s feathers. It’s a fun and simple way to add a little extra colour and a personal touch to your Thanksgiving table.

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One response to “Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Craft: Pine Cone Turkeys”

  1. Diana says:

    We just did this craft in our Mom and Tot program today! It was really fun to make and were so cute!