Sweet Treat: Cookies for Climate Change

Photography from Meaghan Mountford

Okay, so it’s not Earth Day, but shouldn’t every day be a day to celebrate and protect our planet? If anyone missed it in the Family Updates from Tuesday, today is World Wildlife Fund’s National Sweater Day to raise awareness for climate change. Today is the day to wear your most eccentric sweater and turn down your thermostat three degrees.

And in honour of National Sweater Day, we decided to share these Earth Day-inspired cookies from Meaghan Mountford’s blog The Decorated Cookie. These worldly cookies come on a stick, so no sticky fingers here! You can clean and reuse the lollipop sticks for another food or art craft project (if they aren’t too badly chewed on). If you would like to see more of Meaghan’s fabulous cookie recipes, you can check out her book as well. Happy Sweater Day!

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