The Sweetest Christmas Craft: Candy Trees

Photography courtesy of Amanda Jane Brown

These candy trees are a super sweet addition to your holiday decor, and they’re perfect for making with older kids (provided you all don’t eat all of the supplies first). We were inspired by this post by Amanda Jane Brown.

You’ll need:

• styrofoam cones
• candy
• glue gun and glue sticks
• inexpensive candle holders (white, or spray-painted white)

These candy trees last pretty much forever, so once you’ve made a set, these can be used again and again every year.

How to:

Glue candy in whatever order (pattern, no pattern) you want to onto the styrofoam cones with your glue gun. Sit the candy covered trees atop various sized white (or red, or whatever colour suits your fancy) candle holders.

2 responses to “The Sweetest Christmas Craft: Candy Trees”

  1. Kellie Darley Long says:

    Do you need to spray it so it won’t mold?

  2. Marisol Baez says:

    Nice idea,u saying candy won’t rot?,after so many years;)