Turn Your House into a House-o’-Lantern

Image courtesy of FamilyFun

For a quick, no fuss house decoration for Halloween, try this easy to make house-o’-lantern from FamilyFun. It takes 1 to 2 hours to make, but at least you won’t be spending time picking fake cobwebs off your bricks, wiping up fake blood or cleaning up slimy pumpkin seeds!

To make this decoration, you will need:
– Corrugated cardboard
– Pencils or markers
– Craft knife
– Glue stick
– Orange tissue paper
– Painter’s or masking tape
– Lamp

This craft involves some measuring and cutting with a knife, so you will need to do most of it, but your kids can help by designing the face, and gluing!

Check out the construction directions here!

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