Upcycle Your Child’s Favourite Dresses into a Beautiful DIY Pennant Banner

Photography by Luis Albuquerque

It may not be easy to part with the little dresses your daughter has outgrown, but you can hold onto them with a banner fit for her big-girl room. Preserve the memories of her old dress by sewing fabric of each frock into a triangle and attach them to a length of ribbon.

What you’ll need:
• Scissors
• Thread and needle
• Thick ribbon
• Dresses or other clothing your child has outgrown
• Ruler


  • Depending on how large you would like the banner, cut out triangles to the desired size from each article of clothing. If you don’t have good eye, use a ruler to keep the lines straight.
  • Once you have one triangle cut-out use it as a pattern for continuing the banner.
  • Now that you have the triangles, sew the shortest edge of each triangle to the ribbon.
  • Ta-da! You have a beautiful banner from your daughter’s most-loved dresses.

TIP: Not keen on sewing? Just use iron-on hem tape, available at most craft-supply stores.

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