Crafts and Colouring for Victoria Day Weekend Fun!

We love these two crafts that don't require lots of supervision or fancy materials and can be done anytime the kids get bored.

Picnics, cottages, barbecues, gardening and fireworks. That’s what the long weekend is all about. But if you are looking for a couple of inside activities just in case the weather doesn’t co-operate, why not have your kids try these fun ideas?

Paint Fireworks


If your little ones are to small for sparklers or can’t stay up late enough for fireworks, this craft from is a good alternative. All you need is a sheet of black or white paper, acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a straw.1. For each color, in a paper cup, dilute some acrylic paint with water to a runny consistency.2. Using a paintbrush, drip a few drops of paint onto a piece of paper or card stock (be sure to rinse the brush between colors), then hold a drinking straw directly over each puddle of paint and blow gently to create a spectacular starburst effect. Dust with a little glitter if you want it to sparkle.

Queen Victoria Colouring Page

Your kids might just be wondering who this Victoria gal was anyways. Give them a quick lesson with this printout from

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