DIY Some Gorgeous Yarn Globes

Want to make some adorable decorations for your deck or house? We've got a great idea....and it's super simple!


How cute and clever are these yarn globes? We think they are the perfect DIY outdoor decoration to add a little flavor to your backyard. Who knew yarn could be so cool?


Balloons of various sizes (and shapes if you want)
Thin cotton Yarn
White Glue
Corn starch
Gloves (unless you don’t mind your hands being goopy!)
2 Bowls (1 for the mixture, 1 for a base)


1. Mix equal parts glue and corn starch. Mix in just enough water to get the lumps out (you want to maintain a thick consistency).

2. Coat the yarn in the mixture. Make sure to only coat a couple feet of yarn at a time or else it might get tangled. Then run the yarn through your fingers to remove excess liquid.

3. Wrap the yarn around the balloon. After you’ve wrapped the yarn around once, tie the end into a knot to secure.Tip: It’s faster to just lay down a section of yarn on the balloon and then pick up and rotate the balloon (instead of wrapping the yarn around by hand).

4. Continue coating and wrapping the yarn around the balloon, using the second bowl as a base for it to rest on.

5. Once you’re done, cut the yarn and tie the end to secure. Allow the yarn globe to dry for at least 24 hours. The section of yarn that’s covered by the bowl won’t dry, so make sure to flip the balloon over half-way through the drying process.

6. Once the yarn globe is dry, go ahead and pop the balloon. Carefully remove the deflated balloon through an opening in the yarn.

7. Make a bunch and hang them at varying lengths for decoration, or hang a lightbulb inside for an awesome new light fixture. Enjoy!

And if you’re thinking what we’re thinking (how awesome these would look at a summer birthday party in the guest of honour’s fave colour) then check out this round up of birthday party tips for all ages!

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