Your Guide to Villainous Disney Hairstyles

Ever feel like your inner Disney villain is just dying to get out? We can help with that.

Who is your favourite Disney villain? Have you always wanted to dress up (or just do your hair like) Cruella de Ville? Or is the Evil Queen more your type? perhaps you maybe see yourself as Maleficent. Or all three…depending on the day of the week?

Never fear, we can help. We’ve got step-by-step instructions for recreating each one of these looks, easily.


Go ahead, be a horrible but beautiful villain for the day, you know you want to.


Perfect for everyday wear (!)…horns are the newest fashion accessory. But seriously, let out your inner Maleficent with this amazing ‘do. You’ll have everyone begging to do your (evil) bidding by lunchtime.

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