DIY Game For Road Trips With Kids

The brilliant folks over at LMNOP sent us this entertaining idea this morning. Think-ets is a game that comes with an assortment of ‘trinkets’ (conveniently packed in a take-along pouch that can be thrown in mom’s purse), and to play kids use their imagination to come up with stories, categorize (what’s similar? what’s different?), alphabetize, and whatever else their minds come up with.

We love this idea of child directed play, but what we’d like even better is if we could make it ourselves. If you think back to our March 2009 issue we profiled a Solution for a very similar game (‘Jungar’), it was more of a stay-at-home version, but it could easily changed to make it more portable. So, the next time you want to pack a little extra entertainment for a road trip or for a waiting-room diversion, try a Jungar-on-the-go. Pack up a pouch or container with household finds like ribbon, slinkies, thimbles, and whatever else you can find, and give the back-of-the-seat dvd player a rest.

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