Do You Miss “Reading Rainbow”? There’s an App For That!

Our office is buzzing today with news that one of our favourite childhood shows, Reading Rainbow, is coming back as a free app for the iPad and select Android devices, called RRKidz. If you don’t quite remember the awesomeness that was Reading Rainbow, let us take a moment to jog your memory:

The app will help little lit lovers experience great books on a mobile device, which is great news for tech-savvy parents who need to entertain kids in the car, waiting at the doctor’s office, and even just hanging out at home. Hundreds of kid-friendly books—curated by former Reading Rainbow host and producer LeVar Burton—will be available, via a subscription service. We think it sounds pretty fantastic. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what Burton had to say:

“For 25 years Reading Rainbow gave me the opportunity to excite children about books and reading through the medium of television. With RRKidz, I will be able to bring that same spirit of discovery, imagination and adventure to today’s digitally connected kids through enhanced e-books,” said Burton, in a news release. “RRKidz’ innovative platform allows us to deliver an incredibly exciting interactive storytelling experience through partnerships with leading publishers.”

Follow RRKidz on Twitter for more updates, or check out the full press release here. You can also read more about the upcoming app over at Fast Company.

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