Elton John’s Son Has a Better Social Life Than You

Photography by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

On the eve of the academy awards, Sir Elton John and David Furnish brought their adorable 14-month-old son Zachary to their 20th Annual AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Show Viewing Party in Los Angeles.

Zachary was treated to some solid social time with celebs like Katy Perry, Zachary Quinto and Heidi Klum. It’s worth noting that Fran Drescher did not give little Zachary the most terrifying teddy bear on the planet—as this photo implies—rather, showed off her usually-not-terrifying-looking Pomeranian, Esther, instead (who Fran claims is actually the most wonderful creature on the planet, and is possibly an alien).

Terrifying dog-eyes and scary dog-smile aside, we’re trying not to dwell on the fact that this just-over-one-year-old already has a more exciting social life than we do.

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