Enjoy a Trip to the Movies Without Breaking the Bank

Photography via imdb.com

A weekend trip to the movies with your kids can feel like a major financial investment these days—once you factor in the cost of tickets, and then add drinks and snacks, you may start to seriously rethink your need to see the latest 3D flick on the big screen. While we admit that there’s something about enjoying a movie in a theatre that just can’t be beat—the dim lights, the huge screen, the surround sound; it’s all very exciting, especially for little movie-buffs-in-training—our weary wallets could use a break.

So you can imagine how happy we were to discover that Cineplex is now offering discounted movie tickets for families on Saturday mornings. For just $2.50 per ticket at participating theatres across Canada, you can kick back and watch the special 11 a.m. showing of classic films like 1988’s The Land Before Time (February 25th), 1995’s Jumanji (March 3rd) and 2001’s Shrek (March 10th).

Apart from being budget-friendly, we love that this deal lets parents share beloved movies with their kids. Remember what it felt like to watch E.T. on the big screen? Now your wee ones can experience that, too—it’s the Family Favourite for March 17th.

Bonus: a portion of the proceeds from the Family Favourites ticket sales will benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation. For more information about Cineplex Family Favourites, visit cineplex.com.

One response to “Enjoy a Trip to the Movies Without Breaking the Bank”

  1. Meagan says:

    Very cool that “older” movies are coming back to the big screen! And $2.50 for ticket is a fantastic deal!!