Etsy Part Deux: Poppytalk

Fine we will be the first to admit it… we are Etsy-oholics. But there’s now a new site vying for our attention. For everyone out there who dreams about naturally-dyed dollies and hand-painted ceramics at night and would rather crochet beanies than do the dishes, we thought you should know—if you haven’t already heard—about a little thing called Poppytalk.

Same brilliant idea: a marketplace of fabulous artists who create and sell their masterpieces online, but was started by a Canadian! Poppytalk offers a host of fun insider info about cool shops and crafters in your ‘hood (so shipping fees are that much cheaper). On their blog, they have fun monthly-themed launches to showcase specific types of art. Last month’s theme was affordable art—how recession friendly!

To get you started on the road to crafty bliss, we thought we’d share some of our fave artists from the site:

Shira Sela: We adore the simplicity and sweet colours of these prints. They’d be great to help transition a little girl room into a big girl room.

Lewas Designs: We have also jumped on the decal bandwagon and are loving these slightly-less mass-produced options. Totally want the dandelion one for the computer!

modernpop: This artist makes beautiful, whimsical prints that look fab in a nursery. And they would make great shower gifts, too!

The site is still young, so it is still building up its database and, although they do share a lot of artists with Etsy, there is less stuff to shuffle through to find what you are actually looking for. Now, we aren’t saying that we are giving up our love affair with Etsy, we have just decided to spread the love around.

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