Fall TV Preview

Prime time entertainment for the more mature audience, check out what's new and anticipated this fall

The new TV season is in full swing. In addition to all your favourites (welcome back Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty) here are a couple other new promising shows that are competing for your precious free time.

Bionic Woman (NBC) Premieres Sept. 26
If you’re old enough to remember the original series, you might be interested in the update. Never heard of the show before? An accident leaves a young woman (Michelle Ryan) at death’s door until a top-secret cutting-edge technology saves her life. Her survival comes at a hefty price though, as she struggles to deal with her new abilities while working for a government agency as an operative.

Private Practice (CTV and ABC) Premieres Sept. 26
In this much-anticipated Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) leaves Seattle (and McDreamy and McSteamy) behind for a new job at a chic private office in California alongside two medical school friends.

Pushing Daisies (CTV and ABC) Premieres Oct. 2
Average guy Ned (Lee Pace) discovers he can return the dead back to life with just one touch, allowing him to help solve unsolved crimes. However this cool gift comes with conditions including condemning the person to permanent death if he touches them a second time.

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