Family Day Activity: Fun Fondue Dinner

Gather your whole brood in the kitchen this Family Day for a meal that's as fun to cook as it is to eat!

Photography by Edward Pond

Whether you hit the toboggan hill en famille, or laze in front of the fire all day in your PJs, don’t let Family Day close without gathering around the table together.

Fondue is the perfect meal for the occasion. Although the prep is a bit finicky (so many little things to chop and slice), everyone can pitch in to lighten the load. (Older kids can help with the chopping, while little ones set the table). Lots of little dishes means everyone gets what they want to eat. Best of all, the communal meal invites lingering around the table.

For an easy appetizer, this Brie Fondue can’t be beat for speed and simplicity.  A crusty baguette or sliced cooked sausage are fab accompaniments. Make a meal of it with a green salad and apple and pear slices.

For an Asian-inspired meal, Pho-Style Fondue (shown here) becomes a two-part meal. For the first course, skewer meats, chicken cubes or shrimp, and assorted vegetables. Simmer in a bubbling broth until cooked, and dip into various sauces. For the second course, pour the concentrated broth over a bowl of rice noodles for a fragrantly steamy finish.

Make sure to take the right precautions if you’ve got small kids at your fondue party. Wee ones can choose what they want to eat, and skewer it themselves if you’re comfortable with that, but the actual cooking is better left up to grown-ups and big kids.

If dessert fondue is fave around your place, finish the meal with fruits, pound cake, marshmallows or cookies dipped in a decadent Chocolate Sauce, or lighten up with fresh fruit and yogurt dippers. We love these Honey-Ricotta Snacks for a sweet end to the meal.

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