5 Fun Ideas for Family Day

Have loads of fun this Family Day without going far from home with these 5 great ideas


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If you live in Ontario, Alberta or Saskatchewan, you may be celebrating Family Day on February 15—our favourite provincial holiday! We’ve got five great ideas (that don’t cost a pretty penny) to bring your family together on this day made just for you!

1. Movie Marathon
Select some of the funniest movies from your home library or Netflix then kick back for an afternoon with drinks, snacks and a big bowl of popcorn.

2.  Snap Happy
Grab your camera and get busy. Take loads of silly pictures of your day together. Take your disk to get developed and make an album or start a scrapbook that you can add pictures to every year to commemorate the day. Take advantage of your time together and take some pictures of the family (we know you’ve been meaning to). We’ve also got the best tips for capturing your family’s memorable moments on camera here.

3. Games Day
When is the last time your family sat down to play a board game or cards? Been a while? You might be surprised how fun Monopoly, Cranium or Sorry! can be. Set up at your kitchen table with snacks for an afternoon of friendly competition. We’ve also got a list of 8 great board game ideas here. Too low tech? Break out the Wii for some serious sports competition.

4. Get Crafty
Looking for some great craft projects for the day? Check out our ideas from homemade playdough to scrapbooking projects here.

5. Skating, Sledding, Outdoor Fun
If the weather allows, gather the kids for a skating party at your local rink (check to make sure it is open). Bring a Thermos of hot chocolate, a couple blankets and show off your skills. Or hit a nearby slope for some tobogganing. You can finish the day off with a home-cooked meal, plus dessert made by the whole family.

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