Family Tested Reviews: Nerd Block Boys

Check what families across Canada had to say about the monthly subscription box, Nerd Block.


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Nerd Block Jr. is a mystery subscription box for children aged 6-11. Each month, a box filled with 4-6 items are shipped to your door. These items include toys, collectables, activity books and more. We had 5 families review the Nerd Block JR for boys.

This Victoria mom was thrilled with Nerd Block as was her 7-year-old, who would also have 2 of everything so he could include others in on the fun.

Griffin (7-years-old) was delighted to get a box of stuff just for him.
He thought it was a cool item, great idea for a road trip or distraction while waiting for mom and dad to finish up their dinner at a restaurant. But not big enough for a birthday gift – at least not for him.

He loved the variety of “boy” stuff, most of which the kids are playing with in the school yard. The only thing he would change is to include 2 super heroes or 2 cars. He thought then it might be easier to include his little sister.

Rita Webb, mom of 2, Victoria BC.

This mom of two suggests Nerd Block is great for those kids who are tuned into popular culture.

There was great excitement the day our Nerd Block Jr arrived. Its bright blue box was peeking out of the mailbox – very enticing. My son (5 years old) and daughter (7 years old) and visiting friend (boy, 8-years-old) barely agreed to have an after school snack before tearing into it. Opening all the little toys was a bit like discovering a Christmas stocking – one fascinating new thing after another.

I realized quickly that my children are not really the target audience for this toy. We don’t play video games and some of the toys had a tie-in. All were of a collectible variety – one of a set that which my little guy immediately declared he “needed” more of.

My daughter and her friend moved on to another activity after the opening was done. Before they left, I asked them for their opinion. Although they both agreed neither would use their allowance money to pay for it, they thought it might be a good gift to give or receive.

My little guy was soon making an elaborate scenario in which the Trashie was Scribblenauts Superman’s son and they drove the Hot Wheels truck, and Sonic was the bad guy. He has a great imagination and will work with just about anything. He played away for about an hour, on his own.

The Trashie has made an occasional appearance since we received it, but the rest of the toys are either in the original box or in the unseen depths of the playroom.

So, this was not a hit at our house. It might be better for a child who is more tuned in to popular culture, or someone who was planning to subscribe for a number of months and build collections that way. The adult ‘blocks’ have a t-shirt in them – although they cost a little more, I was disappointed to see that the kids ones don’t have this.

Jennifer Malcolm, mom of 2, Toronto ON.

This Toronto family was excited to receive the garbage pail character and Pokémon cards.

My two guys (ages 4 and 6 years old) opened the box together and they were both very excited when they saw it. The packaging was intriguing, especially because they had no idea what was inside.

The novelty of opening up the package and seeing several different items inside was exciting. However to be honest, the items inside didn’t really make sense together. Well there were a couple hits, including the garbage pail character and Pokémon cards but there was no theme linking the toys together. The hot wheel car that was included was a highlight as well.

Both of my children and I were slightly confused as to the purpose of delivering these toys together. They wanted to know how they all related and I wasn’t very sure.

While this is a product that did have some novelty value, it is not something that I would pay for on a monthly basis. My kids did enjoy opening up several different small packages, but because there was no real purpose for any of the toys, they were quickly left to the wayside.

The contents could be easily improved if there was some sort of activity included. If there was an overriding theme to link all of the individual toys, game or activity, I would seriously consider subscribing to this monthly package.

Jessica Beitchman, mom of 2, Toronto ON.

This mom noted that her family’s anticipation for their Nerd Block to come in the mail was priceless.

I must say that the excitement my boys had for the Nerd Block’s arrival was comical. Every day they were waiting for it to arrive! When we opened it up there was a mad scramble to get everything unwrapped. All the toys were very small and they were a little disappointed there was nothing “big.”

There was a giant stuffed Microbe Brain Cell which came already broken at the seams with the stuffing falling out. Who buys stuffed brain cells anyways? They played with the stuffing though and I found it all over my house. On the Nerd Block website it says you can email them if you have a broken toy (even though they say it happens rarely) and they will look after you. I did not email them.

Pokémon stickers were a hit even though they told me they were secretly hoping for Pokémon cards. A Superman Hot Wheels and a Sonic pull back car have been carted around by both of them 2 weeks now. What boy does not appreciate a Hot Wheels? The Sonic car was cool but they both complained that sonic did not stay on the car very well. They received a “Trashie” which they thought was weird and have not touched since it was opened. Neither of my kids even knew what Trashies were. They also received a Scribblenauts of Batman that they thought was cool but was hard for them to piece together without help. In fact, I could not even place Batman on his stand. We had actually never heard of Scriblenauts either but they though Batman was pretty cool.

The excitement shown in anticipation of the Nerd Blocks arrival was priceless but I have not seen them play with any of the toys shortly after it was opened. I think the idea of a Nerd Block is super cool but I do not think I would spend $13.99 plus tax, every month to get toys like this delivered to my home.

Liza Poirier, mom of 2, Consecon ON.

This family wasn’t too pleased with all the Nerd Block toys, but the Hot Wheels car was a huge hit with the boys.

We were excited when the Nerd Block Jr. Box was delivered. However my excitement turned to disappointment once the box was opened.

The box contained 6 toys which were a Hot Wheels car, a package of Pokemon cards, a stuffed animal in the shape of a brain cell, a Scribblenauts unmasked, a Sonic the hedgehog pullback and a Trash Pack.

The favourite toy was the Hot Wheels, as an added bonus it was one we didn’t already have. Both boys, ages 6 and 3, have spent hours playing with it.

Sonic the Hedgehog pullback racer was also a hit. Many hours have been spent racing Sonic against the Hot Wheels car.

The Scribblenauts unmasked wasn’t a hit however the digital comic was. Both boys enjoyed using the iPad to view the comic.

The rest of the toys were hardly played with as they were nothing that interested my boys. They had no idea who Pokemon was and the fact that they were just cards didn’t appeal to them at all. They asked what the stuffed animal in the shape of a brain cell was and then never touched it again. The Trash Pack wasn’t a hit either. All it contained was a yellow trash can and a piece of garbage inside the can.

Not sure how much the Nerd Block Jr costs but I wouldn’t waste my money on one.

Tera Campbell, mom of 2, Winnipeg MB.

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