Farting is Funny. Just ask my Daughter.

So many parties. So many loot bags. So many in fact, that my daughter tends not to give them much notice unless there is candy involved. Until recently. While rifling through her bag on the way home from a party for a little boy pal, my daughter pulled out a round, large, flat piece of rubber and asked “mom, what is this?” It was a whoopee cushion. “What’s it for?” I told her it was to make tooting noises. Yes, “tooting”, ’cause if I said the word fart I would never hear the end of it—as in “Mom said fart hahahahaha.” You get the idea.

So when we got home my hubby showed her how it worked. Hilarity ensued. My girl thought it was the funniest thing she’d seen, EVER. She sat on it, she made my hubby and I sit on it, she tried to get the cat we were pet-sitting to sit on it (cat was not amused). Then she invited her neighbourhood pals to sit on it. Which they did repeatedly, laughing hysterically the whole time. We couldn’t help but laugh along. I mean the fart game was funny when we were kids. It still is. True, I don’t want my girl thinking letting one go in front of people is appropriate behaviour, but the whoopee cushion made my kid laugh so hard I thought she was going to throw up. Now she wants to give them out at her birthday party and I just might let her.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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