Find of the Week: Let Watson the Raccoon Make Reading a Special Occasion

Meet Watson the Raccoon. And I assure you, he is no ordinary raccoon. Not only is he quite possibly the cutest raccoon you might ever lay your hands on, he is also the chattiest, especially at story time. It’s true! Story time in your house is about to get a lot more entertaining and fun.

When you and your little ones read Watson’s story books together—Watson and the Case of the Sneaky Stealer, Watson and the Case of the Missing Acorn, and Watson and the Case of the Little Lost Caterpillar—the lovable story buddy will chime in with his own responses to certain key phrases throughout the book. It’s hard not to smile the first time you read “Watson! Someone call Watson!” and the stuffed animal beside you seems to come to life and chimes in with a response!

Watson uses voice-recognition software that seems to be fairly accurate; he was able to recognize a senior kindergartner’s voice every single time. The only downside to this little guy having great recognition is that it *may* cause the children (and possibly the grown-up children) to try to stump poor Watson with a whole “let’s see if he answers when I say ‘Isabella! Someone call Isabella!'”

There’s even a free iPad/iPhone app you can download for more Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy fun. And don’t forget to look our for Watson’s other interactive pals, Cooper the bear and Abigail the bunny, who are sure to bring more smiles to your little one’s face.

Watson the Raccoon Interactive Storybooks and Story Buddies, free with purchase of a $10 Watson book, available at Hallmark.

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