Find The Chick Contest Answers

Boy, do our readers enjoy a good scavenger hunt! In our April issue we hid a cute, little chick seven times in the book and (with a $200 Sobeys giftcard at stake) we had loads of responses. While some readers managed to find all the chicks, the majority could only count five or six. We even received some emails from readers pleading with us to tell them where each chick is hidden, they didn’t care about the money, but they were losing sleep over it!

So we decided to let you out of your misery and give up the exact locations of each chick.

Page 8: Bottom right hand corner.
Page 19: The trickiest one! Hidden in the foliage to the right of Ken’s right calf.
Page 30: Top right corner, in the binding.
Page 48: Perched on the second cake plate from the front, nesting amidst eggs.
Page 56: In the grass next to the female clothespin doll.
Page 91: Beside the ham bowls with egg polenta.
Page 106: Bottom right hand corner.

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