Follow Friday: The Funniest Kids on Twitter

Lola, of @whatlolasaid

Kids do say the darndest things, especially on Twitter. Follow some of our favourite kids (or their parents, really), and fill your feed with hilarious and wonderful tidbits of kid wisdom.

Four-year-old Lola is from Toronto and she’s the cover model of our October, 2011 issue. She also says amazing, adorable things, and her mom shares some of them on Twitter. Every single tweet is a gem.

Sample tweet: “I had a dream about a fair where a goldfish shot 10,000 baskets with one hand!” Lola said when she woke up

Kelly Oxford is funny, so it makes sense that her kids are too. Kelly tweets all kinds of funny stuff (and she’s also Canadian! Man, we’re funny), but some of our faves come from her kids. Lucky for us, she tweets about them regularly.

Sample tweet: “Why do I have to go to school when I have google? – 10yr old”

This account is a one-stop shop for cute stuff kids say. They retweet whatever they find that includes cute kids saying adorably outrageous or ridiculous things.

Sample tweet: “4yo boy today. “If you eat carrots, you can see in the dark. That’s because they have little lights in them.”

A Canadian dad sharing the funny stuff. It doesn’t look like there have been many updates since July, but we hope he comes back with some more, because they’re golden!

Sample tweet: “Dada, can I facebook?” “What do you think that is?” “I take pictures of my face on your phone & then look at them like I’m readin’ a book.”

Tell us: Who’s on your Follow Friday list?

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