Fun Summer Lessons Kids Should Learn

Remember what vacation time used to be like before iPads and Minecraft? Our kids have a few summer lessons for when those screens go dark.

Our kids are awesome. They’re well-behaved, quiet and smart. Of course that’s when they’ve got a screen of some kind to hide behind. But this summer we’re instituting some class time. Before they start to complain we’ve got summer school all ready for them. Instead of math and reading (which they’re doing as well, don’t get us wrong), we’ve got seven super important summer lessons for them.


How to Skip a Stone


It’s all in the wrist and our mini-me’s can master it in an afternoon. Whether you’re exploring a local pond or spending the day at the lake, teaching kids to skip a stone is a great way to keep them entertained and a mandatory summer-must-have-lesson as far as we’re concerned.

How to Whistle with a Blade of Grass


Position the blade at the top of your two thumbs and between the bases of each thumb. Thumbs should be bent slightly. Make sure it is tight. Blow gently between your thumbs. You should hear a high-pitched sound. With a little practice and patience, your child will be whistling with the wind.


How to Make Your Own Hacky Sack


Footbag—more popularly known as hacky sack—has existed as a competitive sport since 1972(!). But did you know that Canadians reign as international champions in the annual World Footbag Championships? Get your ball-happy kids in on the fun by helping them make sacks of their own.


How to Tie a Jumpsie Rope 

In Germany, kids call it gummitwist, in Britain they call it elastics, but we Canadians just call it like it is: Jumpsies! Collect at least 40 rubber bands. Open one band into a circle and insert a second band through the centre about a third of the way. Slip the remaining part of the band around the side of the first rubber band and back through the centre of itself and pull tightly to link. Continue joining the bands until a long chain is formed and then link the two end elastics together to form a large circle.


How to Make Your Own Fairy Flower Crown


Do you have any fairies in your house? Maybe a fairy king or queen in desperate need of a flower crown or two? This wreath or crown is the perfect thing to top them off and is so simple to make you’ll find those wee fairies and sprites making flower crowns for everyone around—all summer long.


How to Make a Paper Fan

This DIY project requires only a few materials, which you are likely to already have. You need paper (colourful wrapping paper works really well), ruler, pencil, scissors, hot glue and popsicle sticks.

Measure and cut at least a 20cm length of paper. Fold (accordion-style) at 2cm intervals along the length. Allow the fan to open in a bow shape and bring 2 sides together and attach popsicle sticks to both ends of the paper with hot glue. These can then be wrapped with yarn or string to make them stay together and keep the fan open.


How to Have a Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Are your kids budding entrepreneurs? Perhaps they have a favourite charity they want to raise money for. Allow them to find out this summer helping them set up their very own lemonade stand. Be their first customer and ‘taste-test’ their menu for them (as parents always do!).

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