3 Awesome Outdoor Games for Kids

Bored of lawn bowling and Bocce Ball? Try one of these fun outdoor activities instead

Photography by John Cullen

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a summer BBQ, keeping kids entertained can be a challenge. If your go-to games have become old hat, shake things up with one of these fun outdoor activities.

Graffiti Tag
Ask your guests to bring a plain white shirt. Give everyone a marker and select one person to be “it.” If caught, players must stay frozen in place and can only rejoin the game when an untagged player signs (or draws a symbol) on their shirt.

Backyard Board Game
Set-up: Create a giant-size die from a cardboard box. Use things from around the house (like a ladder, snow tires, etc.) to create an obstacle course that will serve as the game board. To play: Players roll the die and count their steps to manoeuvre around the obstacles—first one to the finish wins.

Sidewalk Pictionary
Trade in your pencils for sidewalk chalk (here’s how to make your own) for a summery twist on the classic drawing game. Anyone can play, so it’s great at family fêtés, and when the game is done, you can take the hose to the sidewalk so everyone gets a chance. Tip: Up the ante and have intermediate players draw blindfolded.

Looking for more outdoor fun? Try this DIY Retro Ring Toss game.

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