5 Cool Card Games for Kids

Sometimes all you need is a simple deck of playing cards to keep the kids entertained for hours. Here are five great card games they'll love

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Playing cards have always been a reliable source of entertainment for kids, especially on rainy days or family game nights. We rounded up our favourite games for little ones, from those that use a regular deck of cards to those that use themed or specialty decks. No matter what your children’s game of choice is, one of these is sure to keep them occupied.

1. Pig
This is a silly game that little ones will have a blast playing. The objective of the game is to get four of a kind and then place your finger at the tip of your nose. Everyone else must give himself or herself a “pig nose,” and the last one to do so earns a letter of the word “Pig.” You’ll find the full instructions for Pig here.

2. Concentration
A game that relies solely on memory (evidently), Concentration requires the matching of two cards of like ranks. Older kids can up the difficulty by matching cards of the same rank and colour. Variations on this game include using themed cards, such as these sparkling Rainbow Fish cards, and matching the pictures instead of the numeric values. Find the full instructions for Concentration here.

3. Go Fish
Go Fish is often the first card game little ones learn to play due to its low level of difficulty. The objective is simple—after kids are dealt five cards each, they attempt to form pairs by asking an opponent for a specific rank of card, or being told to “go fish” in the pool of cards. Younger kids will love playing with brightly illustrated cards, such as those from the set of Animal Card Games by Melissa and Doug. You’ll find the full rules for Go Fish here here.

4. Snap
This is a fast-moving game where players subsequently turn over their cards and yell “Snap!” when they see two cards of the same rank. The game can be varied for little kids by matching pictures from a themed deck of cards instead. You can find the instructions for Snap here.

5. UNO
This is a popular choice for family game night and is great for older kids since it requires knowledge of whether or not to use certain cards. Whether you play the game with the original UNO Cards, the interactive UNO Roboto (pictured), or a themed deck, such as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First UNO cards that are geared towards little ones age 3+, the kids are sure to be entertained! The basic step-by-step instructions for UNO can be found here.

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