Garage Sale Find DIY Project: A Pretty Vanity

Crafted by Martin Lessard (and family)

In the Winter 2011 issue of CF we showed you how to transform a secondhand nightstand into a fabulous play kitchen; we received some great feedback on the project and even inspired a gutsy co-worker to tackle a similar project for his niece (lucky girl!). Here’s how he did it:

This adorable vanity was also bought secondhand, but instead of a nightstand it was crafted out of two nesting tables (brilliant!), with the legs cut to the appropriate child-size height for a stool and the vanity. Then it was given a fit-for-a-princess paint job, in which they used a durable, washable paint and topped with a playful border. A mirror was attached (apparently this was the trickiest part) with 4-inch brackets and then it was kitted out with the customary feathers, beads and tiaras.

Love it!

And, we want to see more! Send pictures of your diy projects to (with the subject line “DIY Projects”) and your creation could be featured on Family Jewels.

P.S. Big jobs such as this can seem daunting (cutting, sanding, painting and drilling – oh my!). But it doesn’t have to be a one (wo)man show. Invite friends and family to collaborate. You’ll be able to make use of different people’s talents and share a laugh (and maybe a bottle of wine) while you’re at it.

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