Is it Time to Put Your Kids on a Toy Diet?

Should you try rotating your kids' toys? It might save you a lot of trouble down the road...!


Ever watch in complete exasperation as your beloved tot goes batty over a particular toy at friend’s home only to remind her that the exact same one is sitting in her room at home under a layer of dust and disregard?

Strange as it may seem, “toy fatigue” seems to hit when kids have too many playthings at their disposal. And in their attempt to quell the nails-on-a-chalkboard cries of “I’m borrrred!”, parents will go out and purchase even more toys, contributing to this vicious cycle.

Next time you have this urge, try this instead: Round up 4–5 large storage totes and number them. Then, evenly divvy up all of the books, toys, instruments, gadgets, art supplies and stuffies among the totes. Now here comes the tough part: Leave out only one bin of toys for the week and then rotate the bins each week after that.

Putting your kids on a toy “diet” will not only help them rediscover old favourites and encourage more active play, but they’ll look forward to the change-over day almost as much as a trip to the toy store. (Well … okay maybe not that much.) The other caveat is that your kids need to be young enough to believe the missing toys are “on vacation” or “having a rest”, otherwise they’ll likely sniff out your hiding spot and foil your plans.

Do you rotate your kids’ toys? We want to know!

One response to “Is it Time to Put Your Kids on a Toy Diet?”

  1. JohnB says:

    That is commonly a silly culture of collecting material goods for the house like all those toys and they clutter up space in the house