Get Kids Talking with the High-Low Game

This fun game will get your kids talking and sharing their day with you! It may just become your new family tradition

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How many times have you asked the question “What did you learn at school today?” only to get a shrug or “Nothing” in reply? Some days it may feel like your child has taken a vow of silence and you have no idea what’s going on in their very complicated world. But this chatty dinnertime game could turn things around.

It’s called High-Low, and the concept is pretty simple: one person starts things off by sharing the high and low points of his or her day. For example, maybe your child got a good grade on a test (that’s a high!), but was teased by other students for being such a smarty pants (definitely a low). Apart from being able to share and celebrate their successes, it gives parents and kids a jumping off point to talk about the things that might be bothering them. After sharing, each person “passes their turn” to someone else until everyone has had a chance to talk about their day.

We like the simplicity of this game—you don’t need any equipment and can play it any time. We also like that it helps to teach gratitude, even in a small way, as children focus on a positive aspect of their day for which they are thankful. It might just become your new favourite family tradition.

How do you get your kids talking at mealtimes?

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