Make Your Own Snowman Kit for a Fun Winter Weekend

Image courtesy of makelessnoise via Flickr (CC)

Picture this: It’s 11 am on Saturday morning. Your kids have just finished their weekend brunch of scrambled egg cupcakes and lazy morning waffles. Heavy, wet snowflakes fell all through the night and now the ground is covered in two feet of thick snow perfect for snowman building. You get the kids bundled up in their waterproof snowsuits, scarves, hats and boots, but you didn’t think to gather snowman-making materials beforehand. So now your kids are standing in the front hall, grumpy and hot, while you frantically search the mysterious bottom drawer in the kitchen and box in the back of the laundry closet for supplies. You finally find three miscellaneous buttons of differing size and color, one giant glove with a hole in it, one out-grown baby mitten and a scarf that the dog had its way with one too many times. The air of disappointment in the backyard is palpable.

Have no fear. This can be avoided next time with a simple and fun-filled winter activity.

Follow the instructions for creating a Snowman Building Kit from SimpleKids and feel more prepared for the great white landscape. Mate-less mittens and outgrown hats get a new lease on life, and your kids spend less time sweating inside and more time packing snow outside.

Happy building.

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