Get Outside this Weekend and Play Some Snow Games

Image courtesy of cotaro70s via Flickr (CC)

With so many towns and cities getting snowed on in the last few weeks, what better way to spend one of the first weekends with snow than out in it!

FamilyFun offers Seven Snow Games that will entertain your kids for hours, while getting in their daily exercise!

Flag in a Snow Stack sounds like a fun, and simple mix of the games Capture the Flag and Hide-and-Go-Seek!

The only things you need:

– white cloth

– short stick, or wooden spoon

The general idea is that you tie the white cloth to the end of the stick or wooden spoon. Get a group of kids together and let each one have a turn hiding it, anywhere within certain boundaries. Whoever hid the flag that took the longest to find wins!

Visit FamilyFun for more fun activities!

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