Get Them Hooked: Try Fishing During National Fishing Week

Photo courtesy of OakleyOriginals via Flickr (CC)

It’s the first official week of summer and cottage season is in full swing, so what better time to introduce your little ones to one of our most primitive pastimes: fishing.

Better yet, National Fishing Week is coming up (July 3 to 11), which means fishing permits will be waived across the country and special events will be occurring in hundreds of communities. While specific Family Fishing Weeks have already occurred  in several provinces, many are still to come. Check out Catch Fishing to find out when your local Family Fishing Week happens. Also, be sure to download the brochure for National Fishing Week.

As an added bonus, fifty-six Ontario Parks will be participating in the Tackle Share program. We think Tackle Share is great news for families that want to cast a line without sinking their budget. The program allows park visitors to borrow fishing rods, reels and tackle supplies on a “library” system, and there’s no catch—that part is up to you (or start practicing your ‘one that got away’ story). To see which parks offer Tackle Share closest to you, check out Ontario Parks.

For those living outside of Ontario, special community events may offer a similar program. Alternatively, you can order your own free Guide to Fishing in Canada from the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation, which is packed with information on purchasing inexpensive equipment and useful tips for beginners and seasoned pros alike!

Happy Fishing!

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