Give Mom a Night Off: Five Easy Dishes She’ll Love

We've rounded up five simple but tasty dishes to make for Mom

Hoisin-Grilled Chicken & VegetablesHoisin-Grilled Chicken and Vegetables
Zapping finger-licking chicken drumettes in the microwave first gives them a head start on the grill, but for safety’s sake make sure you barbecue them immediately after microwaving. Look for hoisin sauce in the Asian section of your supermarket (it’s great in stir-fries, too).

Saucy Shrimp with Feta
Serve this speedy seafood main with rice, buttered noodles or crusty bread, and a side salad.

Caesar Pork Chops
The yummy flavours of Caesar salad combine to dress up simple pork chops.

Tasty Thai Noodles
Slurpable, tangy noodles are a great way to introduce kids to Thai food (and an easy dish a teen can make for the whole family). Find rice stick noodles in the Asian section of your supermarket.

Fiesta Meatballs
Everybody loves meatballs and these are a cinch to make ““ all you need is a jar of salsa for their almost-instant sauce.

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