How to Survive Street Hockey Season

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Some call it a birthright, others call it a nuisance. Whichever side of the street you’re on, the future of road hockey is on dangerous footing given recent news reports like the one of a Montreal dad who was fined $75 for letting his kids play. Here at CF, we’re a “Game On!” kind of team, but we agree parents still need to ensure obvious etiquette and safety guidelines are met. Here’s why road hockey should live on:

1. Kids need to get off their butts The alarming increase in child obesity rates speaks volumes about the kind of lifestyle we’re living. Sports leagues and extra-curriculars are great, but most kids still don’t get anywhere near the recommended 90 minutes of daily exercise.

2. Meet thy neighbour We live in a car-dependent society (ironically that’s what’s threatening the game), and as we dash between the car and the front door, we lose almost all contact with our neighbours. Kids (and parents!) need to learn to socialize with those in their community.

3. You’re only young once (Or maybe not.) When you’re lost in the moment of a fast-paced game, time stands still. We all lament about how quickly our kids grow up—so why not grab a stick, quit your bellyaching and take a page from their playbook?

4. It will get them into the NHL (Or so they think.) From Sydney Crosby to Bobby Orr, ask any of the hockey greats where they sharpened their skills and they’ll fondly recall games on their streets. And even if the national league doesn’t call, there are a lot worse things your kids could be doing than playing a game with their friends.

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