Is Bigger Better?: Nintendo Dsi XL Is Available Today

Group gaming just got a little simpler with the release of Nintendo‘s DSi XL. The second generation Dsi is kind of like the big papa to its predecessor; it comes with many of the same DSi functions including two cameras, photo- and sound- manipulation tools and a broadband Internet connection, but the XL has a larger screen (by nearly an inch) that makes it easy to play together, a second stylus (shaped more like a pen) and larger speakers.

Basically, if the main attraction of the DSi Lite was its pocket-size, then the XL might not be for you, but if social gaming is your bag than XL might be worth a try.

Also available today from Nintendo are two games that push the social gaming angle of the XL are WarioWare D.I.Y. and America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking. In Test Kitchen, teams will appreciate the larger screen while working together to create the perfect dish. And in WarioWare, gamers can create and share their own mini games, which can even be transferred to the Wii (neat!), and the large screen makes precise and detail-orientated game play simpler.

While we were just getting excited about trying out our own XL, we heard news of another big launch in Nintendo’s future. Read more on their venture into 3D here.

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