Jishaku: a Fun, Suspense-Filled Family Game

Photo by Carlo Mendoza

It’s a rainy morning here in Toronto, so we’re thinking about indoor activities today. And although this game is meant to be played indoors, it is far too exciting to expect that indoor voices will be used! Learning to harness and manipulate the power of magnets, the players of Jishaku try to place their magnets without attracting any of their opposition’s magnets.

Three different ways to play the game offers a full serving of suspense and focus as players watch the subtle movements of all the magnets in response to the one they are trying to place. The instructions are simple and allow the kids to get right down to zapping and buzzing their magnets to their opponents. Almost as amusing to watch as it is to play, this game will enthrall the entire family.

Our testers, Ben, 9, and Michael, 5, of Cambridge, Ont., are excited to finally have a game where Daddy’s large hands are such a disadvantage. They are currently battling it out for the title of “Magnet Master” (and aren’t above nudging the box or blowing the magnets closer together to achieve it).

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