Gets Re-Freshed

And we think we like it.

The recent update includes ultra-useful apps that make frugal shopping chic and easy. You’ll find: a new blog (discussing trends, events and promotions), daily polls, a fashion-forecasting widget (that provides suggestions based on the weather in your ‘hood) and outfit-assembly iPhone app., as well as a pop-art inspired redesign and the unveiling of Joe’s Spring 2010 collection.

As frequenters we can definitely see the benefit of an easy-access widget to help plan our day (nothing like being caught in the rain in your favourite moccasins) and while the outfit-assembly app. may be a little more Cher à la Clueless than we care to be, it is a good distraction for preteens waiting on the doctor’s office or road trippin’ to grandma’s.

Thanks Joe for making budget shopping so easy.

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