Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show at LG Fashion Week in Toronto


We were at LG Fashion week yesterday and saw a few shows, including the crowd-collecting Joe Fresh show (Isn’t it odd how one of the most packed shows of the week can be bought at the same place you grab milk? We like that). True to Joe-style the music was lively, their was a ridiculous amount of redheads on the runway and the clothes offered just the right amount of fashion and function.

We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of style and sophistication that Joseph Mimran brought to the runway – a contrast from his often more playful and youthful shows. The skirts were more sleek (no school-girl pleats or bubble bottoms here), the gray sequin sweater appeared surprisingly wearable, and the best parts were the hints of vintage inspired trends – shapes (sleek and classic – not too big, not too small), textures (mohair-like and fur) and colours (Mustard! We can’t wear it, but we love it.).

We have to say, we’re still on the fence with the fur. Quite obviously fake and in the form of a hats, arm warmers, coats (including men’s coats) and purses, the fur – albeit cozy looking – kind of looked like they skinned a toy store full of teddy bears, and we’re not sure we want to blend in with our kids’ bedtime mates.

But all in all, we really liked it and could definitely see ourselves in it. We also loved seeing Crystal Renn strut her stuff!

Check out this slide show for more great looks. Will you be buying Joe this fall?

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