Katy Perry Takes Heat for Little Girl in Cupcake Bra

Did this costume choice at the Much Music Video Awards go too far?

TORONTO, ON – JUNE 17: Singer Katy Perry arrives at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards at the MuchMusic HQ on June 17, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. (Photography by Jag Gundu/Getty Images)

The Much Music Video Awards were held here in Toronto on Sunday night and the award show brought some of the biggest celebrities to the city.

Katy Perry walked the red carpet with eight mini-Katy lookalikes who dressed up in outfits inspired by her biggest music videos. There was the nerd from “Last Friday Night,” the elderly woman from “The One That Got Away” and that weird alien thing from “E.T.”

And then there was the blue-wigged, cupcake-bra costume featured in “California Gurls” (yes, the video where whipped cream shot out of Katy’s boobs) worn by a young girl who couldn’t be more than eight years old.

We found this post by Dodai Stewart over at Jezebel regarding the not-so-tasteful costume choice, and it’s clear that Stewart is not impressed that the ensemble got the green light:

“It’s not okay. It’s one thing for a grown woman to cover sexualized areas with edible treats, announcing (however playfully) that her body is quite literally for consumption. But to transfer that message onto the body of a child is revolting.”

While don’t agree with everything Stewart had to say about the incident (you can read the full article here), we do agree that this costume choice was a bad call from everyone involved, and have no idea how it even got approved. The girl could have worn a cute cupcake headband and we would have gotten the point.

What do you think about the cupcake bra? Do you think it was inappropriate?

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