Kid-Friendly Snack: Sandwich Sushi

Photo from Martha Stewart Living

These clever sushi-look-a-like sandwiches will not only entice your kids to eat their veggies but they’ll feel sophisticated and grown-up eating their own version of the popular Japanese dish.

Try using whole-wheat bread for a healthier alternative and swap the veggies with some fruit and peanut butter for a sweet treat.

• 2 slices of bread
• 3 tbsp cream cheese
• 1 1/2 tbsp sour cream
• 5-10 cucumber matchsticks (6 inches long)
• 5-10 carrot matchsticks (6 inches long)

Flatten 2 slices of bread with a rolling pin. Mix together cream cheese and sour cream and spread over the slices. Lay two carrot and two cucumber matchsticks at the bottom of each slice letting the ends hang over the edges.

Roll up the bread nice and tightly and cut into four equal pieces like shown in the picture.You could even add a piece of lunch meat in between the veggies and cream cheese spread for a more complete snack.

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