Kids: If You Want to Hear from Santa, Write Him Soon!

Photography by via Flickr (CC)

Get your letter-writing pen and your Christmas wishes ready, it’s time to write to Santa!

If you send your letter to Santa before early December, you’ll get a letter back from him before Christmas time! Here’s his address:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

He’s a pretty busy guy starting right about now, but we’ve heard from our pals at Canada Post that he has over 11,000 helpers, most of them retired Canada Post employees, who will help Santa get replies out to everyone who writes. He needs that many helpers because about 1 million Canadian kids write to him every year! You can also email Santa through the Canada Post website. (You’ll get a reply from him, however you choose to write him.)

Santa does kindly ask that you save the cookies and treats for Christmas Eve, rather than trying to send them through the mail. He really appreciates the effort, but cookies in the mail mean lots of crumbs in the mailbox!

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