Kinect is Here and It’s Really, Really Fun

We got the chance to play around with an early version of the Kinect, Microsoft’s newest expansion to the XBox. The Kinect allows gamers to play without a controller. No wires, no remotes, nothing. Just you and your family waving, jumping and running around in front of your TV, and if you’re anything like us, laughing hysterically the whole time.

We were able to play with early versions of a few different games: Kinect Adventures, which has players competing in competitive obstacles; Kinectimals, which allows you to interact with and train a variety of jungle cats; Joy Ride, a driving game; and Kinect Sports, which has players, not surprisingly, competing in various sports.

The Kinect will be available in Canada on November 4th, and is sure to make it to Christmas lists all over the country. Rumoured pricing for the Kinect alone is $150 US, though that’s still unconfirmed. There will also be approximately 15 games available at launch, including dancing titles, fitness titles and even a new Sonic the Hedgehog game. No word yet on which, if any, games will ship with the console. Watch this space!

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